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Curriculum Specialist
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Ruth with students in library
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Curriculum Overview

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What are the Connecticut Core Standards?

K-12 academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy adopted by the CT State Board of Education and by states across the country in 2010.

  • Establish what students should understand, know, and be able to do as they progress through grades K-12

  • Curriculum units based on these standards will be implemented in both mathematics and English-language arts in grades K-5 this year

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Smith STEM School Reading Beliefs

1. Choice in what students read and how much they read influences motivation and achievement.

2. Texts need to have a small challenge in order for students to problem-solve and apply new learning.

3. Students need to do lots of independent reading of self-selected texts.

4. Easy access to books students can and want to read is crucial to readers’ success.

5. Students need to be taught how to choose “just right” books.