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    Support services are designed and implemented to help students reach their full potential.



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    At Smith STEM School we have a state of the art science lab.

    All students visit the science lab each week.

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    At Smith STEM School we use a lot of varied technology.

    We have a recording studio in the music room, and we do many different STEAM PM classes activities involving technology.


    The Engineering is Elementary program at Smith STEM School is a curriculum that integrates engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science topics. We began implementing engineering in all grade levels at our school for the 2012-2013 school year, our first year as STEM school.
    Kindergarten: Building Walls (Material Engineering)
    Grade 1:  Designing Hand Pollinators (Agricultural Engineering)
    Grade 2:  Improving a Play Dough Process (Chemical Engineering)
    Grade 2:  Designing Windmills (Mechanical Engineering)
    Grade 3:  Designing Submersibles (Ocean Engineering)
    Grade 3:  Making Words Easier - Simple Machines (Industrial Engineering)
    Grade 4:  Designing Water Filters (Environmental Engineering)
    Grade 4:  Cleaning an Oil Spill (Environmental Engineering)
    Grade 5:  Designing Maglev Systems (Transportation Engineering)




    Mrs. Foley runs math enrichment groups for grades 3, 4, and 5!

    Grade three students are studying number systems. First, they are exploring our own base ten numeration system. They will focus on the role that place value plays in our base ten number system Then they will compare and contrast different numeration systems.

    Grade four students are studying algebra.  Students will study variables, expressions and equations, and how to use logical reasoning and problem solving strategies. 

    Grade five students are learning about how variables change in relation to one another. They analyzed graphs to determine what was happening in given situation. Students are challenged to use a variety of strategies to tackle these rigorous tasks!