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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


110 Beechwood Road
West Hartford, CT 06107
Phone: 860-231-5000
Fax: 860-521-6699

Julio Duarte, Principal 


The mission of the secondary science program is to educate all students to be scientifically literate and responsible citizens.

The goal of science education is to develop scientifically literate citizens who understand and apply the knowledge and processes of science. It encourages a positive attitude toward solving problems and a curiosity to understand and appreciate the impact of science and technology on the natural world and on society.

Science is more than a body of facts, a set of principles, or a collection of sophisticated tools. It is a structured, creative, and active method of asking and answering questions. An effective framework for teaching science must be based on knowledge of scientific principles and on an understanding of logical thought processes. Effective science education requires a developmentally appropriate and sequential program that stresses problem solving and inquiry through laboratory experiences and a variety of learning activities. Effective science education will help students become informed adults capable of responsible decisions, independent action and teamwork. It will enable all students to develop an understanding of the interconnections between science and technology and the shared human responsibility to preserve and improve life on Earth.


Department & Staff

ScienceTimothy KesslerDept Supervisor5049timothy_kessler@whps.orgWebsite
ScienceGail BanwellTeacher6273gail_banwell@whps.orgwebsite
ScienceBill CondonTeacher6231bill_condon@whps.orgwebsite
ScienceKeely ConneryTeacher6275keely_connery@whps.orgwebsite
ScienceKaren ContornoTeacher6243karen_contorno@whps.orgwebsite
ScienceTim DeckerTeacher6133tim_decker@whps.org
ScienceMary EdwardsTeacher6233mary_edwards@whps.orgwebsite
SciencePJ FoleyTeacher6143pj_foley@whps.org


ScienceLeslie HadraTeacher6222leslie_hadra@whps.org
ScienceVirgil HandberryTeacher6124virgil_handberry@whps.org
ScienceMaureen HealeyTeacher6711maureen_healey@whps.orgwebsite
ScienceErik KolodziejTeacher6044erik_kolodziej@whps.org 
ScienceSteve KowalTeacher6083steve_kowal@whps.org
ScienceJennifer LewisTeacher6094 jennifer_lewis@whps.orgwebsite
ScienceBonnie MayerTeacher6241bonnie_mayer@whps.orgwebsite
ScienceMichael McGarryTeacher6220michael_mcgarry@whps.org 
ScienceAndrew PlantzTeacher6132andrew_plantz@whps.org
ScienceMarc RichardTeacher6221marc_richard@whps.org
ScienceMarcy ZaccheaTeacher6123marcy_zacchea@whps.org


Courses Offered

Courses Offered:

Earth Science ESOL
Earth Science 
Earth Science – Honors 
Biology – Applied 

Biology ESOL
Biology – Honors 
*Biology – Advanced Placement

Chemistry – Advanced Placement

Anatomy and Physiology
Science Investigational Skills 

Conceptual Chemistry  
 Conceptual Physics 

Marine Science 
Environmental Science 
**Environmental Science – Advanced Placement
Physics – Advanced Placement 

Science Research and Applications 

*Eight transferable UCONN credits are available for eligible students who earn a grade of C or better as part of the UCONN Early College Experience (ECE) Program.
**Three transferable UCONN credits are available for eligible students who earn a grade of C or better as part of the UCONN Early College Experience (ECE) Program.

West Hartford Public Schools

50 South Main St, West Hartford, CT  06107

T: 860-561-6600

F: 860-561-6910

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